What are Go Commando’s charitable objectives?

To provide structural support to the families and next of kin of serving and former Royal Marines.

Why support Go Commando when there are so many other military charities?

Go Commando supports the whole family, not just the serving personnel. We also engage with the wider community to raise awareness and support for our Royal Marines and their families. Our approach is unique and we interact with our families through our young and fun branding. We are managed by a small but highly motivated and strong board of Trustees who care passionately about our cause and have professional experience in their chosen fields and collectively we have a sound business acumen. The team are approachable, all 100% hands on and every penny we spend is accounted for. We do not just seek to raise funds from within the RM Corps members, although many are generous with their fund raising efforts. We encourage our support from the generosity of individuals, local communities, clubs and associations, the general public and commercial organisations.

Why do we need Go Commando?

The current demands being placed on our Royal Marines are unprecedented. The deployments to Afghanistan may be coming to an end but no one can predict where or when the next conflict will involve Royal Marine Commandos. Training continues year round and so many months are spent apart from loved ones. Go Commando recognises that family support is vital and in turn the families need to adjust and continue some sort of normality when their menfolk are away on both deployment or exercise. We need to provide practical, local and meaningful support to families who are often moved every two years, often with husbands and fathers absent for several months of the year.

What will you do with the funds?

We will do what our Board of Trustees deem necessary and will respond to the needs of the families at any given time. This may be by way of individual small requests for assistance, to larger full scale projects for a collective group of families or through the RNRMC Grant Giving Scheme, of which Go Commando are a portfolio contributor. We are proud of our relationship with the RMCTF (Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund) and also contribute towards grants for RM families. Who does the RM Family include? It includes wives; girlfriends; partners; children; mothers; fathers; and significant dependants of serving and former Royal Marines. Mainly we will be supporting the women, who are the backbone behind their RM partners, the children who are asking for Daddy and the next of kin of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Is Go Commando a national charity for all Royal Marine units?

It was founded in Taunton, Somerset, following overwhelming community support for the Royal Marines of 40 Commando returning from Afghanistan on Herrick 12 Ops towards the end of 2010. It was a hard and arduous tour with the loss of fourteen of the members of 40 Commando RM. As support and resources are growing, Go Commando is now a national charity for all Royal Marine Families and with your support we can continue to take Go Commando to Arbroath and Faslane in Scotland, Plymouth, Poole, Portsmouth, and across the UK where ever Commando Units will be based.

My husband was injured in Afghanistan. What will you do to help us?

Families with individual needs are welcome to contact Go Commando at any time for guidance. There are however, many funds and charities available across the military sector to assist injured personnel and their families. We will try to steer you firstly through your own Unit Welfare Team and then through the RMCTF/RNRMC/RMA lines of contact.

Can I gift aid on my donation?

Gift Aid is a Government scheme that allows registered charities such as Go Commando to claim back tax you have paid to the UK Government. The Gift Aid claimed on your donation is thus tax you have paid which the Government allows us to reclaim. There is no additional cost to you, but it can make your donation to us worth much more. Please simply fill out a gift aid form when making a donation. Please download a Gift Aid form from our website or call us for further details.

Can I leave money to Go Commando in my will?

Yes, it is possible to make a specific legacy to a charitable organisation in your will. You should seek legal advice or contact us, if this is something you are considering.

Can my employer/business/company donate to Go Commando?

Increasingly companies are becoming more aware of their social and corporate responsibility and are adopting a charity either for a set period of time, or for a particular event. As our focus is on military families and children we should be an ideal fit for most socially responsible companies. To find out more, please contact us.

We are having a fundraiser and would like to nominate Go Commando as the charity. What do we need to do?

Firstly, thank you! Please contact us in the first instance to discuss your event. 0196331683 or email We can provide logos for posters, branding and merchandise for your event and any other support and advice that you may need to make your event a success and great fun. We love to help out where we can.

Are there any opportunities to become involved in Go Commando?

Yes ! We are keen to hear from anyone, whether linked to the RM Corps or not, who recognises the importance of our aims and would like to come on board. We have great fun doing something we all enjoy doing ! Please contact us.




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